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At Energizing Touch, our goal is to promote overall body, mind, and spiritual wellness. Our professionals are experienced in multiple manual therapies and wellness treatments.

Our Mission

Promote overall body, mind, and spiritual wellness in our community.

Our Plan

Offer hands-on, and education sessions to adults and children.

Our Vision

Promote self-awareness and wellness by educating individuals of all ages.


Our professionals are experienced in multiple wellness practices and manual terapies. Treament recommendations are regularly shared with the client based on a continuous assessment of the client's needs and goals.


Direct manipulation and education so that greater economy and freedom of body-movement is achieved by focusing on balance and alignment of the physical body so it is supported and maintained by gravity in the three-dimensional space.


Increased self-awareness thorugh gentle japanese acupressure and learning about healthier eating habits leading to better quality of life.


Healthy eating habits and avoiding environmental factors contribute to the reduction of a growing number of modern ailments. Learn how to avoid unnecessary exposures and save time while cooking delicious meals for the family.

Take Ownership Of Your Family's Wellbeing

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Wellness and self-awareness are important


days to break a habit


of adults consume the recommended amounts of fruits a day


of adults consume the recommended amounts of vegetables a day


adults who had back/neck pain for more than 5 years

Our Modalities

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  • Rolfing
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu

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Meet Elia

Elia is an experienced wellness and manual therapy professional, with years of experience promoting performance improvement for athletes and wellness for young adults, families, expecting mothers, postpartum mothers, and children in communities across the globe.

She got her physical therapy degree in 1996, after which she started her practice in Brasilia, Brazil. Elia believes in providing a comprehensive wellness approach to treatments, going beyond physical aspects like restoring motion, and preventing future injury or reoccurrence to include helping clients find balance in their lives. To achieve this goal, over the years Elia enriched her practice by pursuing certifications in multiple Manual Therapy modalities including Rolfing®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Neuro Linguistic, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Kinesiology, and GPR (Global Postural Re-education).

After receiving her first 10 Rolfing® sessions, Elia experienced tremendous physical and life transformations. As a result she decided to pursue her Rolfing® certification, which she completed in 2003 at the Guild Institute, in Boulder, CO; having the honor to study with the great master of Rolfing® for Structural Integration Peter Melchior.

On her spare time, Elia enjoys experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen always looking to create new healthy and delicious recipes.

Elia is the Jin Shin Jyutsu® organizer for Boulder, CO.

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Elia Brandao

Rolfing® & Japanese Acupressure


Energizing Touch


1823 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80302
suite 201 (same entrance as Aloha Wellness)

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